Private Yoga

You are unique! The way your body and mind functions and responds to stress varies person to person, just like your finger prints. Having a personalised Yoga practice will give you the essential steps and confidence needed to understand yourself in a way that is unique to you.

Yoga is so much more than moving your body from posture to posture. Yoga is rooted firmly in overcoming the obstacles within one’s own mind. The path of Yoga is to awaken the body and mind through practices that have been developed and refined over thousands of years.

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of your age, flexibility or strength, but nothing will change until you begin. If you already have an established practice, but feel stuck, or that you are not progressing, then one-on-one sessions will assist you in moving forward towards greater freedom, power and clarity.

We can work to overcome many different conditions and symptoms, such as:

- Anxiety
- Depression
- Physical Pain and Injury
- Emotional Suffering and Trauma
- Mental Agitation and Attachment
- Weight Management and Lifestyle
- Sleep Quality and Exhaustion
- And many more degenerative diseases and symptoms that plague the body today

We can also work on personal and spiritual development, such as:

- Personal Values and Boundaries
- Personal Meaning and Life Philosophy
- Posture Alignment, Anatomically and Energetically
- Breathing Mechanics & Pranayama
- Chakra Theory and Awakening
- Meditation for Beginners
- Meditation for Awareness and Soul Connection
- Meditation for Functions of Your Mind
- And More

Start here with a free 20-minute Personal Consultation. Contact now.

Available online or in person.

Investment Online

Inspiration Pack
3 sessions: €299

Activation Pack
10 sessions: €950

Transformation Pack
20 sessions: €1800

All sessions are 60 minutes. Contact for In-Person Investments. 

Intuitive, compassionate, precise. These words describe Blair’s approach to yoga and life. I have worked with Blair for over a year, practising yoga and attending life coaching sessions. These interactions are transformative. There is both focus and expanse in his instruction. He puts his students and clients in a place where they are calm and reflexive: we manifest our strengths, we work patiently around our limits. We do so knowingly, perhaps for the first time. The control that Blair’s teaching enables has a pulsating and mindful quality. Like yoga, it is alive.
Lilian, Singapore