Vinyasa Yoga: Flow into Consciousness

Yoga is not something we do. Yoga is something that happens. What do we have to do to allow Yoga to happen? This book is a practical approach for anyone looking to start a movement based Yoga practice or for teachers and students looking to learn and deepen their already established Yoga practice, using the four pillars of Yoga—Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Contemplation, as the pathway towards a greater consciousness.

This book leads you through a classic Vinyasa Yoga practice where you learn how to develop the five qualities of Vinyasa Yoga, and how to breathe with greater ease and grace into the more subtle practices of Pranayama as a stepping stone into Meditation.

The Meditation Practice is practical and progressive that leads your body, mind and energy towards your higher intelligence. Once the body is at ease and the mind is content, then we have the perfect opportunity to Contemplate and inquire into what life is asking of you.

This is how we take Yoga off the mat, and the seat of Meditation into real life—Your Life.

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