Online Teacher Training

“The intellect of your heart listens closely to the whispers of your Soul.”

Learn and develop beyond belief to inspire and empower the teacher within you. This online 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training was created for you to grow and evolve yourself through sharing Yoga in a way that honours the teachings and philosophy of yoga that is congruent to you. When you learn how to teach from integrity, you immediately access a confidence within you that will influence and impact the hearts and minds of the students you teach.

In this Online Teacher Training, I share all of my experience of the past 16 years of teaching Vinyasa Yoga, and what I have learnt from teaching my in-person 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings over the last 8 years. Distilling all of my best information and wisdom into this online training is what makes it special. It is full of practical tools to get you out there teaching; this is my intention for you in this one of a kind teacher training course.

The section on masterful communication has cutting edge tools that will teach you how to transform your mind and the students you teach. Learning how to communicate with impact and influence authentically is an essential skill to have as a teacher who can change the mental and emotional state of students to transform and awaken a new level of Consciousness within the students and you, the teacher.

The functional approach to learning and sharing anatomy will help you understand the body and asanas clearly.

The powerful templates for sequencing and how to theme your classes with traditional Yogic philosophy or more contemporary personal philosophy will give you content and structure to share with integrity.

Learning how to assist and adjust in-flow and in static postures sets you apart.

Learning how to teach postural and transitional asana—this is rarely understood. Along with so much more of my personal inspiration and motivation to continually keep sharing this life-changing practice of Yoga.

Love Deeply, Shine Brightly,