Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

First you create the habits, then the habits create you.

Your life is a journey of self management. If you choose the wrong food, then 30 minutes later, you will know all about it—you will feel tired or wired. If you choose wisely, then 30 minutes later, you will be focused, steady and energised. It really is that simple.

This Holistic Lifestyle program is a 12-week total mind-body transformation, where we focus on the 6 foundations of health and wellbeing: Thoughts, Breath, Movement, Hydration, Nutrition and Sleep. You will learn how to open, cleanse and heal your body and mind through holistic practices that will give you the foundation of health and vitality for the rest of your life. You will reverse your biological age, and you will absolutely transform the ANTS “automatic negative thought systems” that are running your whole life at the subconscious level. Without dealing with these automatic negative thought systems, which we call Samskaras in Yoga, you will never be able to sustain healthy habits.

This 12-week lifestyle coaching program is for everyone—whether you are a teenager looking to shift your perspective on life or a mother dealing with all the demands of motherhood, or a father looking for greater purpose, energy and motivation.

There is no greater quest you could embark on than creating healthy rituals and habits for yourself through the foundations of health. Please remember that if you are not doing the basics, then there is no point in getting into the fancy stuff until you have given your body the opportunity to heal and repair itself.

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Program Outline

12 x 60 minute sessions + full support throughout your journey into greater health and vitality

Investment Online

€1100 for 12 sessions