Urge to Emerge



Learn how to access the magic that life has planned for you and needs of you.

We all have untapped potential deep within ourselves.

If only we knew how to access our true potential and find the courage to follow our innate knowing and longing to fulfil our life purpose.

Is there anything more important than accessing our true life purpose?

Urge to Emerge is a potent two-day workshop where you will learn the methods and tools of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and contemplation as a way to deepen your asana practice. You will learn how to coordinate your breath to balance your energy and mental chatter, develop the meditation practice that fits your personal constitution and how to orchestrate the higher dimensions of your creative and expansive mind and awareness.

This unique two-day program is for all levels of practitioners and teachers looking to bring yoga off their mat and into real life.

Yesterday has gone, tomorrow has not arrived, and we only have today—this moment. To live in the here and now takes daily practice.

Urge to Emerge is a methodology that will allow the transformation that wants you to access you.

  • Learn and practice the five pillars of Vinyasa yoga.
  • Learn how to balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain and central channels of your nervous system.
  • Learn the six foundations of meditation and how to awaken and balance your seven chakras.
  • Learn how to expand your life vision and open your heart and mind to greater wonder and possibility through service and meaning. 

For students and teachers looking to deepen their understanding of vinyasa yoga and the four pillars of yoga: asana, pranayama, meditation and contemplation.