Advanced Ladder Flow Master Class

Live Online
Thursday, April 14, 2022
6.30pm - 8pm (SGT)

Flow into Consciousness: Feel into Possibility, Fall into Love

In this advanced ladder flow, Blair will guide you through a series of postures where one pose adds onto the next as you move and coordinate your breath in a constant flow of movement and breath that will allow Consciousness to flow. This is perfect if you have a very active mind as the immersion of breath and movement will bring your mind into a more meditative state of awareness.

Once you are in a deeper state of awareness, Blair will skilfully guide you into your subtle energy body to lead your Kundalini (spiritual energy) up through the heart of your spine—this is known as your sushumna nadi—through a series of Pranayama bandha techniques. Learning and developing these techniques truly is where the rubber hits the road in your Yoga practice.

Climbing the ladder of Consciousness opens up a space of possibility and wonder. It shifts your mind into higher dimensions where it can see, feel and know what is congruent for you: A place within yourself that you can truly relax, let go and trust.

If you are ready to take your Yoga practice to new highs, then this all inclusive master class is for you. It is an all levels class where you will advance into the deeper contemplative practices.