Teachers Compass

Led by Blair Hughes
Dates to be confirmed
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Love is consciousness becoming aware of itself—UNION.

You are unique. The way you learn, develop and teach varies person to person. Teachers Compass is an archetypal framework for yoga teachers who want to master their craft by teaching from their authentic self. Some of you are naturally impactful, some naturally influential, some naturally more gentle natured. Regardless of what kind of person you are, you still need the confidence and charisma to inspire and empower your students. This takes more than just leadership qualities. You must know yourself and begin to develop your deep intuitive self in order for you to become what we call the transformational teacher. The transformational teacher is the teacher who can pull from all the other teacher archetypes — the impactful, the influential, the healer or whatever archetype you naturally are. The transformational teacher is the center of the Teachers Compass and this is the place we need to inspire and empower our students from.

The Teachers Compass is a four-day advanced teacher training where we will unpack and clearly define the type of teacher you naturally are. To be authentic, you must be your natural self. Once clear on who you are and how you naturally teach, we must then find a way to tap into the other archetypal teachers. If you are naturally the more gentle healing type teacher, then you may be lacking impact in your teaching or it may feel inauthentic when you attempt to teach in a more impactful way. Likewise, if you are naturally the impactful teacher, you may struggle to create that more gentle healing energy that is needed to take students deeper into their subtle body for real transformation.

When we learn how to access your transformational teacher, you become the vessel for your message. You also become the channel that will authentically create deeper states of awareness for your students and for yourself, thereby allowing consciousness to become more fully aware of itself—the goal of yoga.

This revolutionary four-day advanced teacher training is for teachers looking to develop their communication skills and discover their natural ability to hold space within themselves for their students to heal, grow and transform.

  • Discover your teacher archetype to be able to teach authentically from your true self.
  • Learn how to integrate the other key teacher archetypes to become more impactful and influential. 
  • Learn how to be the transformational teacher — the center of your compass so as to become the channel for your message and to be able to move beyond intellectual limitations.
  • Learn masterful communication to inspire and empower students to receive their own inner learning. 
  • Receive direct feedback from Blair to allow you to teach authentically from your heart and soul. 


Dates to be confirmed. 


Early bird: €600
Regular: €750