The Art of Vinyasa Yoga

Ashram Yoga, Ibiza
Saturday, April 13, 2024
11.30am - 2pm

Transforming Compulsiveness to Consciousness

The Art of Vinyasa Yoga Workshop is to breathe with rhythm, ease and control—developing mental concentration, and subtle body awareness.

Learn how to move and breathe with ease and lightness through the Sun Salutations. Blair will give detailed instruction on how to float forward and back with grace—developing your strength, power and agility. We will look at some of the key standing postures, and its anatomical alignment, and how to adapt the alignment to fit your unique constitution. Once the anatomical alignment feels good, we will then drop into the primary and secondary actions in the postures. This is where we find stability and ease to allow energy and information to flow—the goal of the asana practice.

We will finish with looking at inversions, headstand progressions and shoulder stand progressions, and its modifications. These powerful postures have profound benefits, both physically and mentally, but must be developed with care and precision.

This impactful workshop is for all levels, whether you are new to Yoga, or have been practicing for years. You will develop greater technique, awareness and understanding of the physical postures, breathing mechanics and philosophy behind Hatha and Raja Yoga—known as the Royal Yoga of Transformation/Meditation.



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