Grounding with Ease: Vinyasa Master Class

Live Online
Tuesday, 10 May, 2022
6.30pm - 8pm

In order to transform your fruits, you first need to deepen your roots.

The art of standing strong and grounded is the foundation of all asana practice. The practice of grounding and rooting down into the earth comes from your capacity to breathe deeply and freely, and activating bandha (joint stability) with firmness and ease.

Breath and bandha are a constant evolutionary practice and it is not to be rushed, but it can be advanced through consistent practice of specific technique with rhythm of breath and co-activation of joint complexes.

In this powerful Vinyasa practice, you will flow and hold the key standing postures, break down the foundation of these postures and practice how to activate foot, ankle, knee and hip joint bandha. This can get very confusing in class, therefore we will keep it simple and clear for you to leave feeling empowered to achieve strength and power in the standing postures.

Grounding with Ease is for all students from new to experienced. Learning how to stay open and light whilst deepening your roots into the ground is an art. Often, what happens in a grounding Yoga class is that we can leave feeling heavy and stagnant. Come and learn how to leave feeling light and bright in this embodied Vinyasa practice.