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Inspired Teaching 50-hour Yoga Alliance

As a yoga teacher, you need to be inspired to be inspiring! This 50-hour training held over 2 weekends will give you the tools to bring life to your teaching. Understand, practice and refine the elements that you can draw on to compel, inspire, and empower your students in class.

In this 50-hour intensive, you will learn:

  • Work with the 5 vedic elements to bring balance to your teaching
  • Understand how to shift the dynamic of your class with a clear perspective
  • How to create an energy arc within your sequencing
  • When and how to hold space for your students
  • Shamanic techniques of self enquiry and holding space
  • Bring self enquiry into class for your students
  • Empower your students using theme
  • How to be compelling and inspiring as a teacher
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