Weekly Videos

Weekly Vinyasa Yoga practice with Blair Hughes to awaken your body, focus your mind and transform the energy and Consciousness within you.

Your life is full of unmanifested potential. This weekly video is a starting point for you to consciously create greater possibility and wonder in your life. This 30 minute Yoga practice shared here each week will open your body to allow the energy that is flowing through your body and mind, to heal and align you with real meaning and purpose in your life.

Your life is within you. We humans often mistake our life to be something outside of ourselves. Correcting this mistake of Consciousness within you is absolutely essential for you to create and manifest wellbeing and purpose into your life.

My recommendation would be to practice this same 30 minute weekly Vinyasa Yoga sequence every day, if you get busy and miss a day, then simply begin again the next day. I personally like to practice in the morning but the evening is also good, and sometimes if you feel your body is restricted or painful in the morning, then later in the day, your body will be more open and might be a better place to begin from. The most important point here is to practice, because nothing will change within you if you forget or choose to not practice, and you will continue to try and change your life situation on the outside, which will keep you trapped in the same level of thinking that got you there. You must redirect your Consciousness back towards itself.

Consciousness is the unmanifested potential within you and the universe.

“Love is Consciousness becoming aware of itself.” This is Yoga.

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