Six-Part Vinyasa Yoga Video Series

Welcome to your practice. In this six-part Vinyasa Yoga Video Series, we will break down the sequence of postures to learn how they thread and weave together, to build you a powerful, progressive Yoga and Meditation practice from the inside out.

Video 1
Opening & Sun Salutations
Learn how to prepare your body for this dynamic Vinyasa Yoga practice, starting from the Opening Series, to then awaken your body and mind through to the Sun Salutation Series. Understanding how to link your breath to movement is the foundation of Vinyasa Yoga.

Video 2
Standing & Balancing
Refining your alignment and developing your Ujjayi breathing in these classic standing Yoga postures, will strengthen your body and awaken your nervous system. Your nervous system is the communication system within your body. The Balancing Series allows you to develop your concentration, which opens the door to a more meditative practice. On a physical level, the balancing postures stabilise your foot, ankle, knee, and hip in a way like no other postures or forms of exercise can.

Video 3
Backbends & Core
While the standing postures strengthen and ground you, the backbending postures stimulate and ignite your nervous system—opening up new neural pathways that often get blocked and restricted. Learning how to move from your core, rather than locking your core is your master key to unlocking the pain-body that is holding you back in life. Moving from your core is how you create an open, supple body that moves gracefully and powerfully.

Video 4
Hips & Twists
Releasing stored emotions, old injuries and lifestyle habits that do not serve the body will give you back the freedom to move and play like nothing else can. Unlocking the knots and blocks in your spine through conscious breathing and twisting will do more for your health and wellbeing than any supplement or bio-hack could ever do for you.

Video 5
Inversions & Arm Balances
The power of inversions “Shoulder and Headstand postures” are immeasurable to your physiology and psychology. Learning how to practice them safely is essential to the health of your neck and shoulder girdle. Arm balancing postures practiced with precision and correct technique will break limiting belief system that have been holding you back. Learn how to progress towards these powerful postures.

Video 6
Pranayama & Meditation
Asana prepares you, pranayama balances you, and meditation transforms you. Learn a simple pranayama practice to balance your energy as a doorway into Meditation. Learn six key steps to lead you into meditation. Meditation is not something we do, meditation is something that happens. Practicing these steps will give you the opportunity to experience the ultimate body-mind-life transformation.

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